Your Nursing Area

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Your Nursing Area

Once you've reached the third trimester, you'll probably start stocking up on nursing bras, breast pads, and loose button down shirts for the coming months ahead. While getting ready to breastfeed, you can also create your personal area, a custom designed breast feeding area for Your Nursing Area.

Your Nursing Area

Your Nursing Area

Your nursing area should reflect your personality. If you like a loud, yet friendly surrounding, you should consider setting in a corner of the living room or family room. Keep an extra chair or two near you so family members or even friends can keep you company nursing bra.

If you prefer peace and quiet, a cozy study, or empty guest room would be ideal. You can close the door, dim the lights down, then take a few deep, calming breaths while you breastfeed.

Your own chair

No matter if it's a glider, overstuffed recliner, or desk chair with wheels, you should make sure your nursing chair is very comfortable. You'll be sitting in the chair for hours each day, so you'll want it to be very comfortable. You should always look for one that offers back and shoulder support, along with arm rests.

Support underfoot

You can use a footstool, low coffee table, or a stack of pillows to elevate your feet as you breast feed. If you raise your legs and feet to bring your baby to your breast, you'll avoid possible backache.

Pillows and more pillows

Your neck, arms, feet, and back will need as much support as you can give, so don't hesitate to surround your body with pillows.  If you lay a pillow across your lap for your baby to lay on, your baby will be very comfortable, and much closer to your nipple. For extra comfort, you can even purchase a specially made nursing pillow that  will encircle your waist.

Table for one

You should always keep a small table or stand within arm's length of your breast feeding chair. What you use should be big enough to hold a coaster and glass of liquid. Some women prefer to drink through a straw, while others prefer to drink from the glass.  

You'll also want to keep healthy snacks on hand as well, such as fresh fruit, nuts, or crackers and peanut butter to help you replace the energy you use while you breastfeed.


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If your baby is a slow eater or has a really big appetite, you may want to keep yourself busy while he/she feeds.  You can fill the shelves of a nearby cupboard or bookcase with your favorite books or crossword puzzles to occupy yourself until your baby is full. You should also keep a phone nearby as well so that you can talk to family or friends to pass the time.

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