Nursing Dresses

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Our fashionable nursing dresses are designed to flatter your figure and to allow simple and discreet access for breastfeeding your baby – think wrap dresses, poppers, button down fronts and concealed double layers. Every pregnant woman has to deal with that feeling of unattractiveness, which comes with the hormonal changes that go on during pregnancy. The good news is that pregnant women today no longer have to deal with drab maternity clothes, which can really make things harder as far as matters of looking good are concerned. With a great number of options, pregnant women can enjoy considerable freedom in choosing clothes, from dresses to trousers that make them look and feel good as well.

Our collection of fashionable dresses for breastfeeding includes cute summer dresses, smart nursing dresses for work and practical knitted dresses, all offering quick and easy access for nursing while you’re out and about - perfect for teaming with one of our stylish changing bags. Overall, nursing dresses are a great clothing option for the nursing mother as they are easy, comfortable, and fashionable. With such discreet nursing access, they can easily be worn both before your baby is born and long after you have stopped breastfeeding. With the right dress, you will look and feel great.

Nursing Dresses

Best Nursing Dresses

Ultra-stylish and always discreet, choose from dresses with discreet zips or poppers, hidden double layer lift up access, clever wrap maternity dresses and simple button down fronts. If you're pregnant, then you know that it's important to do some walking to help keep you and your baby pregnant - and the delivery easier. To allow you greater comfort when you're at work, doing errands, or just getting some fresh air, wear a reliable pair of maternity trousers. These trousers can help you move around without difficulty since there's more room in the leg area and you won't have to take as much care as you would when you're wearing a skirt.

Our stylish nursing dresses combine fashion and function, and many of them double as maternity dresses too, helping to ease your transition from maternity into motherhood. This dress is a great option since with flat sandals a beautiful casual outfit is created yet it can easily be dressed up when paired with a gorgeous pair of heels. A crossover design provides easy and discreet nursing access while also creating a striking neckline. Draping over the belly beautifully, this jade dress is flattering and comfortable. Casual dresses are a great daily option for nursing mothers, as they are stylish yet easy to wear.

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If you're expecting, then you also know that nursing dresses are very important. They can make things easier for you once the baby arrives. As you know, breastfeeding is still the most recommended means of feeding infants; you'd definitely want to try that out so your precious bundle of joy can have the benefits that breastfeeding offers. But to be able to pull that off wherever you are, whether you're enjoying family life at home or out in a public place like a mall or a restaurant, you'd need to have maternity dresses for nursing purposes. They can provide convenience, protection, and a little privacy.


Versatile and stylish, dresses are a wonderful addition to the nursing mother's wardrobe. From casual sundresses to tailored work dresses to stunning LBDs, dresses add style as well as comfort and ease to one's day. For nursing mothers, this comfort and ease is very important as one is extremely busy with one's beautiful newborn and just the busyness of daily life. Dresses are an instant outfit, ensuring one will look and feel great by simply throwing one on.

Nursing dresses in particular are designed with easy and discreet nursing access, striking the perfect combination between style and function. Whatever one's needs are, there is a nursing dress which is right for you. Casual nursing dresses are a fun and functional option for the nursing mother's wardrobe. Perfect for everything from running around town to a nice brunch, casual dresses are stylish and comfy. One very popular option this season is the Beach Maternity Nursing Dress from well-known maternity fashion designer 1 in the Oven.

This gorgeous maxi dress, available in mud pie, white, or summer blue, makes a fantastic casual addition to your wardrobe. Made of a light-weight gauze fabric, you will never feel weighed down in the soft and flowing dress. A V-neck and spaghetti straps create a gorgeous neckline which frames your face beautifully. With an empire waist design, the fit is very flattering. For easy nursing access, a four button closure is provided. Perfect when paired with strappy sandals or flip flops, this nursing dress is both stylish and comfortable. Another great casual option is the Jade Nursing Dress from fashion forward designer Maternal America.

With a vision to revolutionize the maternity wear industry Nursing dresses are also a great option for the workplace. You do not have to waste time in the morning figuring out which outfit put together, since a dress is an instant outfit by itself. This season, one nursing dress stands out above the rest as a stylish and work appropriate option: the V-Neck Maternity/Nursing Dress from well-known designer. Simple yet classy, this dress is knee-length and long sleeved a work appropriate option while still being incredibly fashionable.

A v-neck and empire waist create a very flattering shape, one which embraces your baby bump during pregnancy while creating a slimming look after giving birth. Easy nursing access is achieved a pull to the side design. A beautiful deep blue color adds the finishing touches to a great dress. Perfect for work, it can easily be transitioned into the evening with the simple addition of jewelry or strappy heels. Easy yet stylish, appropriate dresses are a great work option for nursing mothers.

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Little Black Dresses, or LBDs as they are more affectionately known, are a go to option for many women, and nursing mothers are no exception. Stylish and flattering, they are guaranteed to make you look and feel great. There are many great nursing LBDs, and one cute option is the Lucy Maternity/Nursing Dress from 1 in the Oven.

Wide shoulder straps and a pretty scoop neck are paired with a figure flattering empire waist. Perfect with flats or heels, a great statement necklace or a beautiful pair of earrings, it is very versatile. Incredibly easy nursing access is created by simply lifting the top layer at the empire waist to access two nursing slits to breastfeed directly. With easy and discreet nursing access as well as a flattering design, this LBD is a great option. Little Black Dresses are stylish, versatile, and always appropriate. Add one or two to your wardrobe and you will have guaranteed go to outfits!

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