Breastfeeding Clothing

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Not long ago, Breastfeeding clothing consisted merely of nursing bras and tops. The designers' main focus for both bras and tops was to provide additional support for milk-filled breasts, and to permit comfortable breastfeeding without the need to remove them. This was accomplished by flaps or slits that could be easily snapped off or opened to expose the nipple while the mother was still fully covered below the breast area.

Designers made sure that they accomplished good functionality and partial comfort; however, they compromised greatly on style. Meanwhile, nursing bra were available in only a few designs with boring colors. They had slits with overlapping fabrics covering the slits and were usually loose on the torso, and were certainly unflattering to wear, making nursing mothers look frumpy and feel pudgy.

We've rounded up some of the best breastfeeding-friendly nursing tops

Breastfeeding Clothing

Best Breastfeeding Clothing

Maternity fashion has seen a massive boost with major brands and designers creating new looks for expectant mums. This fashion sense is now trickling down to Breastfeeding clothing - mums can look stylish while they breastfeed anywhere. Here is a guide of styles for any occasion which can make breastfeeding comfortable and discreet. Walk in the park:

Look for tops which give easy access so that you can sit on a bench when your baby wants a feed. Try going for tops which have slits and push aside access rather than a top layer which can be tricky. As you will be walking look for fabrics which are light and breathable so that you don't get too hot while walking. T-shirts are perfect.

Parties and christenings: This is the time to dress up and really show yourself and baby off. Breastfeeding dresses are perfect as they show your best bits and aren't too clingy. If you don't like dresses then go for longer length tops or have side gatherings which flatter your shape and have bolder colors and prints so that you do look you are dressed for a party.

Coffee shops and restaurants: Feeding in public places can be the most daunting as people will stare which makes you uncomfortable. Crossover tops are great for these situations as they give easy access and also give you the maximum coverage when feeding. Also tops with side access can work well for you, team this up with a wrap and again you have maximum coverage.

Sleepwear: Night time feeds can be tiring at any time and also uncomfortable if you are struggling to undo your bra whilst positioning your baby to feed through your neckline or waist. You can get PJs which are designed for easy access, or you can liven up your nightwear by wearing a nursing chemise.


Don't forget that all these styles will only look good if you are wearing the right nursing bra which gives you support and shape so make sure you get sized up for the correct size. Also you don't need to buy a whole new wardrobe, just invest in two tops, one casual and one more party type. A camisole can be worn under your ordinary clothes and still give you discretion. It is not a surprise that most women claimed "it was too difficult to nurse for a long period of time." Of course! Just imagine going through nine months of hormonal changes, and growing bigger each week until the end of gestation when the baby finally comes out.

It may be fine nursing in the comfort of one's home for a few days or weeks. However, when reality sets in and a woman would have to deal with responsibilities outside of the home, nursing mothers have natural apprehensions of going through another six to twelve months sacrificing their appearance and self-esteem. Although breastfeeding clothes back then were designed to make breastfeeding more manageable when feeding outside of the home, it didn't give women much confidence and the lame fashions made them feel so unattractive.

In addition, the fabric composition of these outfits didn't really allow feeding discreetly in public. As a result, most of the mother's breast was exposed, while the public frowned upon it. It was simply easier for most women to shy away from making the long term commitment because of the unflattering and flawed designs available. Fresh stylish nursing clothing for modern moms Guess what? Times have changed, gone are those nursing outfits that looked like they belong in the 80's! As opposed to outfits that are loose with full frontal overlapping fabrics which made a woman's post-baby body appears worse than ever, designers came up with clothes that are so stylish and fashionable that others can hardly notice that underneath this clothing were lactating breasts!

Nursing outfits these days have done a great job in bringing their designs up to speed to blend in with other modern outfits when worn out around town, at work, in clubs, at weddings, and anywhere. They are also made with a mixed composition of the highest quality fabrics such as spandex, cotton, bamboo, and rayon, ensuring that the outfits are sized properly, last longer, are flattering, and fit properly on a nursing mother's body. These fashions are quite innovative when it comes to integrating function and support as well. The modern nursing tops, dresses, sleepwear, and swimwear, feature hidden openings so mothers can easily nurse their baby discreetly and confidently at any time, while looking very stylish before and after a feeding.

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Even breastfeeding bras, which have always been an essential part of the post pregnancy wardrobe, have evolved and they are also available in so many varieties. They have become very innovative when it comes to functionality and support. Breastfeeding mothers can now find the proper bras for sport activities, a casual summer day, a black tie affair, or a sexy date night with the hubby (or their significant other)! We give thanks to the burgeoning breastfeeding group of mothers who started the buzz about the need for more comfortable, functional, and fashionable breastfeeding outfits.

Their efforts have led to the development of Breastfeeding clothing in many styles, colors, sizes and varieties. There is no reason, in this day and age, that a woman shouldn't look fashionable, chic, and sexy while engaging in her maternal responsibilities. Anything that makes a new mother look good and feel good about herself, will serve to enhance the maternal-infant bonding experience which, in turn, will benefit the entire family.

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