CONTEST: Breastfeeding Challenge 2017

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The Breastfeeding Challenge 2017 is happening tomorrow in Canada and we want to celebrate all the breastfeeding mothers around the world with our contest.

You choose your own wardrobe!. 3 lucky winners will receive a $100 Gift Certificate each. Enter to win and share it with your friends. 

Breastfeeding Challenge 2017

Breastfeeding Challenge 2017

Nurture-Elle is a proud sponsor of the Breastfeeding Challenge since 2011. We sponsor over 60 sites each year and make us proud to support events like this one.

We offer Breastfeeding clothing with double function, which means you can also wear it during pregnancy. Nurture-Elle offers high-quality products made in Canada and in Peru with a social responsibility philosophy and we support women in need in a developing country.

You can also find washable breastfeeding pads that come in a nice package of 6 units. These pads are 5 inches diameter, bigger than any other brand. 

Thank you for making your latch count. Normalizing breastfeeding in public is important for us and the future generation of mothers. 

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 Happy nursing,  

Win 3 Gift Certificates. Total value $300

For purchases or shipping to Canada, please visit our Canadian page

Click here to know in detail about Breastfeeding And Positioning.

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