Alcohol when Breastfeeding

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You must know already that your body undergoes many changes when you begin to breastfeed. It doesn’t stop there; the changes get spilled over to your lifestyle. You cannot eat and drink as freely as you did earlier when you are a nursing mother. By the word drink, we mean “alcoholic” drinks. That doesn’t mean that you should never drink beer, wine or other alcoholic drinks when you are nursing. Timing is very important. If you have questions like, “How long after drinking can I breastfeed” or “Is drinking beer while breastfeeding allowed,” this article will help you with some answers for the same Alcohol when Breastfeeding.

Alcohol when Breastfeeding

Alcohol when Breastfeeding

Timing of feeding after drinking

According to doctors and nursing experts all over the world, a mother should nurse only after about 2 to 3 hours after she has had her drink. This is the time that it takes for the alcohol to clear off from her body. If you nurse immediately after you drink the alcohol content in your blood passes into your breast milk. According to a recent study, babies who drank the alcohol content fell drowsy almost immediately after or during nursing but slept for a very short period.

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Drinking and breastfeeding – some important points

We mentioned in the previous paragraphs that it would take about four hours for the alcohol to clear from your blood. However, it depends on the number of drinks that you have had and your body weight. So keep these points in mind:

  • Choose your drinking time wisely; ensure that you drink immediately after you have nursed your baby; this would mean that your baby might not need milk for the next three hours at least
  • Drinking beer side effects doesn’t have any positive effects on your milk-production capacity; it is only a myth
  • If your breasts feel engorged or uncomfortable within an hour of drinking, discard your milk by expressing it; never feed your baby when the alcohol hasn’t gone off fully from your body
  • It is better to stay away from drinking at least till the first three months of your baby

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  • If you have to drink, stick to the limits. It takes about 2 hours to clear off a small level of alcohol (like 2 ounces of liquor, eight ounces of wine or 2 beers) from a woman who weighs 130 pounds

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