How to choose a Breastfeeding top?

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Nurture-Elle Breastfeeding clothing

The Choice of a Breastfeeding Top Made Easier

The arrival of a baby is the most beautiful moment in the life of a couple. But, it also calls for a lot of adjustments and undoubtedly bigger ones on the part of the woman. Her life now revolves around her little one and she doesn’t mind making tweaks to the food she eats, her sleep schedules and even her dressing.  

Today, Women who choose to breastfeed search for breastfeeding clothing and essentials that will put both them and their baby at ease when feeding both at home and in public.  And the good news is that unlike earlier times the market for breastfeeding apparel is big. It allows such variety that you will be perplexed which to choose.  We have tips to make choosing the suitable breastfeeding wear easier.

How to Choose a Breastfeeding Top

  • There are several chic styles and patterns available. These include cross wraps, horizontal and vertical overlays, princess seams with concealed zippers, side access, front overlaps, front drop, inverted pleats, two piece tops. The layer of clothing hides the opening and can be easily removed allowing you to feed without others intruding on your privacy. See our Nurture-Elle catalogue that includes some of these options.
  • Selected breastfeeding tops come with inbuilt nursing bras for support and comfort under the layers of clothing. Avoid the ones with a rigid underwire as they cause tremendous discomfort. In addition to this, you can purchase a good nursing bra that you can wear under breastfeeding tops or other clothing.
  • Choose your Nurture-Elle breastfeeding top based on the amount of coverage you are looking for. Some have large openings while others are small enough to allow access. Either way your chest and tummy are covered with Nurture-Elle Breastfeeding clothing. 
  • No matter what clothes you buy, whether they’re specifically designed breastfeeding apparel or the regular ones, ensure that you buy a size that’s not too tight on the chest and around the belly. Here at Nurture-Elle you just need to order the top that you use to wear before being pregnant. We have customized the bust lines to be 1 to 2 cup sizes larger.
  • Tops should be purchased in soft materials that don’t irritate the skin. Nurture-Elle Breastfeeding Clothing offers cotton and viscose fabrics, mixed with 5-10% spandex.

Where to buy Nurture-Elle Breastfeeding Tops?

You can buy your favorite breastfeeding top at Nurture-Elle, or/and local maternity shops. Our online store displays catalogues of the available breastfeeding clothing. You can browse through them and make you pick based on your need and order them online. Buying at your favorite local maternity store will give you access to try them on, feel the softness of the fabric and to test quality of the clothes. We do our best to keep our retailer list updated, but we still recommend that you call the store ahead of your visit to make sure that they have in stock the specific style/size that you have in mind. If they don't have it, do not hesitate to ask them to order it from us and we will ship the item(s) to their store in the next 24 hrs. 


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