You are pregnant!

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Discovering you are pregnant is a life-changing event.  Learning a new person will be entering your life can elicit a vast array of emotions.  We all respond differently, even when the news is desired or expected.  This week, I wanted to share my story.

I  was at work, my period was a day late and I decided to take a pregnancy test.  I remember seeing the test show a positive, and to this day, I can still recall the shivers and happy tears.  I wanted to yell “I’m Pregnant!”… but I needed to tell my husband first.     

I wanted to make the announcement special for my husband too, a memory to last a lifetime.  Once I arrived at home, I went online and came across countless ideas and suggestions to tell your partner/husband you are pregnant. 

With plenty of insight and ideas, I crafted my own announcement.  I printed out pictures of bibs, bottles, and phrases related to parenthood.  I knew my husband would eventually go to the bathroom, and I opted to tape all the images and messages to our mirror.  This way, he could discover the news of our pregnancy, see his own reaction in the mirror, and be able to keep his initial thoughts to himself.  In essence, the very same way it happened to me!

When my husband came out of the bathroom, I was waiting for him.  We hugged, we kissed, we cried, we laughed.  To discover you are pregnant and have a little person growing inside your womb… for us, it was truly an emotional and beautiful moment.


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